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Vindicator Command and Control 2

Vindicator® Standard Edition - Command & Control 2
System Display, Command and Control


The Honeywell Vindicator® Command and Control display interface (VCC 2) is our next generation CCDE (command and control display equipment). VCC 2 combines the rich feature set and intuitive interface of the original VCC with exciting new access control, video, event history, assisted response and situational awareness functionality.

VCC 2 integrates with either the V5 or V3 security network head-end devices to provide a common platform for security, fire and life safety, and building automation information delivered by the Vindicator security network.

VCC 2 supports the intrusion detection and access control missions for the protection of critical assets with an unparalleled blend of performance, simplicity and reliability. Multiple language support and tools for the configuration and customization of the Vindicator network provide the flexibility needed to provision a robust security solution.


The intuitive map-based display of facilities and alarm events provides enhanced situational and spatial awareness. Intuitive alarm responders, audible alarms, and an easy-to-navigate interface make it possible for a single end operator to manage thousands of alarm points. Security system events can be routed based on priority, origin or type and then sent to one or many VCC 2 CCDE consoles.

  • Access monitoring and control – VCC 2 enables the operator to lock/unlock portals or to even “lock down” an entire location in the event of an emergency. Discovering the location of personnel is one click away with the integrated “Who’s Here” functionality built into VCC 2.
  • Alarm and event history – Operators will utilize this new feature to quickly identify recent events and their bearing on the current security status of a single facility or an entire base.
  • Situational awareness indicators – VCC 2 now displays customizable icons that depict any number of current events, either on a base-wide level or down to a building-level display. Operators can easily place graphical indicators on a map to geographically identify non-alarm events such as ambulances, security forces vehicles, construction crews, road closures, etc.
  • Cordon creation – VCC 2 enables security forces personnel to create and size cordons electronically for heads up display on the site map. No more fumbling around with pencils and paper maps that only clutter the workspace.
  • Assisted response wizard – Site guidelines for the targeted response to individual alarms can be easily programmed into VCC 2 Operators can easily enter in the step-by-step instructions designed for the response to any type of alarm.
  • One-click camera call up – When an alarm event is presented, the operator can now click on any cameras in the area to be presented with any number of views of an area. Because the information is graphically displayed, the operator can easily assess potential views from any camera in the area.

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
Vindicator Command and Control 2 81.49 KB 05/22/12
Vindicator Command and Control 2 - Portuguese 40.72 KB 07/10/15
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Brochure / Sales Material
Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions 540.79 KB 04/29/15
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Ordering Information

Part No. Description
VCC 2 Solution Bundles – Available in Professional Edition (PE), targeted to large sites, or Standard Edition (SE), value priced for entry-level solutions.
548-35920-00 SE VCC 2 Workstation, No V3/V5
600-35920-31 SE VCC 2/SAW2 Workstation Bundle, V3, UHS
600-35920-33 SE VCC 2/SAW2 Workstation Bundle, V3, AES
548-35930-00 PE VCC 2 Workstation, No V3/V5
600-35930-51 PE VCC 2/SAW2 Workstation Bundle, V5, UHS
600-35930-52 PE VCC 2/SAW2 Workstation Bundle, V5, TDEA
600-35930-53 PE VCC 2/SAW2 Workstation Bundle, V5, AES
508-36040-51 VCC 2 Upgrade, Includes VCC 2 S/W App plus 1ea V5 S/W Upgrade, UHS
508-36040-52 VCC 2 Upgrade, Includes VCC 2 S/W App plus 1ea V5 S/W Upgrade, TDEA
508-36040-53 VCC 2 Upgrade, Includes VCC 2 S/W App plus 1ea V5 S/W Upgrade, AES

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