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VCC Platform
System Display, Management and Control


System Display, Management and Control
Whether you need an ultra-simple operator interface or a robust network configuration and administration platform, the Vindicator® Command and Control (VCC) Platform offers all the functionality you require. The VCC Platform communicates with the V5 Network Security Appliance to deliver a common operator picture for security, fire and life safety, and building automation information from the Vindicator network. It also features tools for configuring and administering the devices in your Vindicator network. The VCC Platform can facilitate elaborate command centers and simple operator terminals. It enables users to monitor and manage a single location or multiple, local and remote sites via a powerful yet intuitive interface. In addition, the system is compatible with many languages and is able to provide viewing options on virtually any type of display such as CRT, touchscreen, video wall, plasma, etc.


Platform Highlights
The VCC Platform consists of four applications that interface directly with the V5 Network Security Appliance:

VCC (Vindicator Command and Control) - A graphical user interface that connects to the V5 via TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, RS485 or fiber. VCC enables operators to monitor intrusion and perimeter security, access control, CCTV, and fire and life safety systems from any location. VCC provides mapbased views of facilities (which can be exported from CAD, satellite images, etc.), intuitive icons and control buttons, audible alarms, and an easy-to-use interface for monitoring 10’s of thousands of alarm points. Events can be sent to one or many VCC consoles and routed based on priority, origin or type.

SAW (Security Archive Workstation) - The SAW that connects directly to the V5 enables operators to log, retrieve, generate and print customized reports on virtually unlimited system events. Examples of event information include event description, date, time, user action/reaction, etc.

PC SmartPAK - PC SmartPAK allows users to program and control Vindicator servers and field devices, monitor alarm activity, and enroll and manage users of the system.

Vindicator Badge Manager - Designing credentials and creating users of the system has never been easier. The Badge Manager photobadging platform provides an intuitive user interface that connects over a network to the V5 ACS, eliminating the need for multiple software packages and redundant data entry while allowing for multiple badging stations sharing a common SQL database.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
VCC Platform Data Sheet 136.49 KB 03/21/11
Brochure / Sales Material
Security for Mission-Critical Applications 734.86 KB 03/25/11
Vindicator Radar Detection System 763.97 KB 04/21/08
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
Software (stand alone)
508-32860-00 VCC Graphics Manager
508-32858-00 SAW
508-32666-00 PC SMART PAK
508-32859-00 CAD LT2000 & Corel: optional, for VCC map development
600-32900-10 VCC Remote Client: for remote monitoring option
324-33054-01 Vindicator Platform: desktop or tower PC
532-33279-** Thin Client Terminal: for enrollment and programming, remote VCC, etc - please call factory and specify type
600-33***-** Packaged Systems: please call factory for packaged systems, which include all software, PC hardware, and Vindicator Server (i.e. V5, UHS-8270, or UHS-1401)
Monitors and displays (please specify if mounting in a rack/console)
340-32317-01 17" CRT: black/charcoal, including cabling
344-32317-03 19" CRT: black/charcoal, including cabling
340-32730-01 15" LCD: black/charcoal, including cabling
340-32730-02 17" LCD: black/charcoal, including cabling
340-33006-02 15" LCD Touchscreen: black/charcoal, including cabling
340-33006-02 17" LCD Touchscreen: black/charcoal, including cabling
340-32746-00 50" Plasma Display: black/charcoal, including cabling
950-30323-00 Mounting kits for displays: rack mount, plamsa mount
Printers Laser Report Printer, Event Printer, Photo Badging Station
Consoles We also specify & sell operator consoles, equipment racks, etc: please call factory for PC SmartPAC details

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