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The V5 Network Security Appliance™ is the fundamental building block of a modern security solution. This embedded server creates an encrypted, private network on any enterprise infrastructure (LAN, Fiber, RS485, etc.) by communicating to additional Vindicator® network devices. The V5 becomes the central security processor for facility and site access control, intrusion and perimeter detection, CCTV events, and fire and life safety information.

The V5 processes and routes security-related events to the operator display for information and action. It integrates with many peripheral devices and can be easily extended to support additional devices. With flexible on-board I/O options, a standalone V5 offers a simple, cost-effective solution with virtually no maintenance – no Windows updates to perform, no worries about virus infections or hard drive crashes.

Until recently, site security has depended on a Windowsbased security management solution. The V5 Network Security Appliance builds a more reliable solution that is easier to operate. Capable of being monitored from multiple locations (both local and remote), the V5 provides a user interface to the system with map-based views of facilities, fast alarm reporting and intuitive icons and control buttons. With a powerful XML interface and plentiful I/O, users benefit from greater flexibility when integrating with peripherals, sensing technology or products from various manufacturers.

The V5 raises the bar for security solutions. When it comes to managing and integrating facility access control, intrusion and perimeter detection, CCTV, fire detection, life safety, and building automation, the V5 Network Security Appliance provides an extremely adaptable enterprise solution for critically important and high-risk sites.


Reliable - The embedded design of Vindicator products delivers extreme reliability. They are certified by the DoD and DoE to protect nuclear facilities, and are impervious to hacking and to virus/worm attacks.

Flexible - The modular design of the V5 benefits sites of all sizes and types. The V5 can handle over 20,000 multistate inputs and monitor over 10,000 discrete alarm points from access control readers, perimeter sensors, cameras, etc. The system also supports multiple languages including French, Spanish, German, Korean, Farsi, and more.

Scalable - V5 operates across a variety of WAN connections, providing enterprise-wide mission support to multiple command and control centers located anywhere in the world without the vulnerability of centralized servers.

Easy-to-install - V5 installs in a wide variety of communications applications and is easily configured to fulfill the most demanding requirements.

Secure - Redundant communication is encrypted for maximum security. Vindicator products are certified for TDEA (Triple Data Encryption Algorithm, also known as Triple DES) communication by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and meet U.S. Air Force testing requirements (PL1-PL4 nuclear and non-nuclear).

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
V5 Network Security Appliance Data Sheet 69.78 KB 03/21/11
Brochure / Sales Material
Security for Mission-Critical Applications 734.86 KB 03/25/11
Vindicator Radar Detection System 763.97 KB 04/21/08
Other Resources
Sample System Layout 896.31 KB
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Ordering Information

Part No. Description
Bundled System
600-33000-01 Intrusion detection system, V5 , UHS encryption, 1 sensor input module, 1 relay output module, 1 system server terminal package, manuals, power supply
600-33000-02 Intrusion detection system, TDEA encryption version of above
600-33010-01 Access control system, V5 , UHS encryption, 1 system server terminal package, manuals, power supply
600-33010-02 Access control system, TDEA encryption version of above
600-33500-01 VCC packaged system, VCC Platform, Vindicator Server, V5 , UHS encryption, manual and serial communication cable
600-33480-01 Access control enrollment station, V5 , Vindicator Server, 17" LCD, SAW and PC SmartPak software, UHS encryption, Portal Control Module, LaserJet Printer, card reader station, power supply, manual, serial communication cable
600-33480-02 Access control enrollment station, TDEA encryption version of above
Ind. System Components
548-33300-10 V5 (requires one of the OS options below), RS-485 port, 4 TCP/IP ports
508-33301-01 Intrusion Detection OS, UHS encryption
508-33301-02 Intrusion Detection OS, TDEA encryption
508-33355-01 Access Control OS, UHS encryption
508-33355-02 Access Control OS, TDEA encryption
Expansion Options
536-33002-01 Sensor Input Module, 8 ports
536-33003-01 Relay Output Module, 4 ports
536-33004-01 Portal Control Module
Fiber & Memory Options for V5
Call for details Memory Expansion Options
532-33302-01 Fiber Optic Multi-Mode Port
532-33302-02 Fiber Optic Single-Mode Port
292-33464-00 12 VDC Wall Plug Power Supply
908-33461-00 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
536-33001-01 V5 Main CPU Board, CPU-5 PCB Assembly with 4 RJ-45 Ports
536-33005-01 Communication I/O Module
544-33472-01 Serial Communication H/A, serial comm cable from V5 to display device
532-33279-00 System Server Terminal, with keyboard and mouse, no monitor, serial cable, PC SmartPak
32-33279-01 System Server Terminal, with keyboard and mouse, 15" CRT monitor, serial cable, PC SmartPak
532-33279-02 System Server Terminal, with keyboard and mouse, 17" CRT, serial cable, PC SmartPak
532-33279-03 System Server Terminal, with keyboard and mouse, 15" LCD, serial cable, PC SmartPak
532-33279-04 System Server Terminal, with keyboard and mouse, 17" LCD, serial cable, PC SmartPak

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